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Rath Harper

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Why You Might Want to Add Them to Your Diet

Recently, you may have heard the buzz about inflammation and why you should be concerned about inflammation in your own body. Simply speaking, inflammation is the body’s response to substances or microbes it does not recognize – viruses, pollen, and chemicals, to name a few. This inflammation actually helps protect us from invaders that might threaten us.

Unfortunately, sometimes inflammation does not go away – instead, the inflammation persists, day after day, even when there are no invaders threatening us. The problem with chronic inflammation is that many studies have linked it to serious, major diseases.

You may be surprised to learn that one of the best ways to combat chronic inflammation is by avoiding foods that cause inflammation, and instead, eating foods that prevent inflammation.

So first, what foods cause inflammation? Studies show that we should eat less refined carbohydrates (white bread and pastries), fried foods (like French fries), sugar-sweetened beverages, margarine, processed meat (like hot dogs), and red meat if we want to avoid inflammation.

In their place, most health experts say we should eat more anti-inflammatory foods like the following:

  • Green leafy vegetables and other veggies like spinach, kale, and broccoli
  • Fruits like blueberries, apples, strawberries, and oranges
  • Nuts like almonds and walnuts
  • Fatty fish like salmon and tuna
  • Healthy oils like olive oil
  • Whole grains like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and brown rice

If you’re looking for an apartment in Lady Lake, FL, that has an updated kitchen where you can prepare more anti-inflammatory foods, please contact The Quarters Apartment Homes. We would be happy to show you our available apartments and take you on a tour of our community.