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Rath Harper

Cleaning a Microwave with a Lemon

The microwave oven in your apartment probably gets a lot of use, from thawing out meat to heating up frozen dinners and making instant cocoa. With all that use usually comes plenty of spills, splatters, and odors that make your microwave a less-than-savory place to cook your food.

The next time you need to clean your microwave, try doing so with a lemon! Lemon juice is a natural cleaner and it helps leave your entire microwave clean and smelling fresh. Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you’ll need a lemon and a measuring cup. You should also have a towel handy to clean up the lemon juice from the microwave.
  2. Pour half a cup of water into the measuring cup, and cut the lemon into two parts. Squeeze the lemon juice into the water, and drop both lemon pieces into the bowl.
  3. Microwave the diluted lemon juice mixture for three minutes, or until the liquid starts to boil. Let stand for five minutes to allow the vapor to work
  4. After waiting for at least five minutes, remove the bowl with safety mittens or a towel. Don’t burn yourself!
  5. Use the towel to wipe the microwave clean. You’ll notice that your microwave is much easier to clean after the hot lemon vapor has worked its magic!

Now the next time you want to make dinner or warm up a cup of coffee, you’ll have a clean microwave to use. That’s much better than avoiding the microwave because it’s covered in baked-on mess!

For more information about renting a Lady Lake, Florida apartment where you’ll have an updated kitchen to prepare all your favorite meals, contact The Quarters Apartment Homes today. Our leasing staff can show you around the property and tell you all about our available apartments.