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Rath Harper

Foods You Cook in a Coffee Maker

Do you have a coffee maker? If so, have you ever made anything but coffee in it? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. After all, a coffee maker is for making just coffee, right? Well technically, yes, a coffee maker is designed to make only coffee, but some folks have gotten creative and decided to prepare other foods using their coffee makers.

Here are a few of the unusual foods and drinks that people have cooked using their coffee makers:

Ramen noodles – Do you have a sudden craving for ramen, but no stainless steel pot to cook them in? No problem! Just heat up an appropriate volume of water using your coffee machine, and then add noodles and flavoring.

Hot cocoa – Who doesn’t like to sit down with a nice cup of cocoa on a cold evening? To brew hot cocoa from scratch using a coffee machine, just add a whole bag of chocolate chips into the coffee pot along with some creamer. To thin out the mixture, you can use a couple cups of hot water to start with and adjust accordingly.

Hardboiled eggs – To prepare this classic homemade favorite, all you need to do is drop some eggs (with shells) into the coffee pot and add a sufficient amount of filtered water to cover the eggs. After about ten minutes of sitting in sufficiently hot water, your eggs will be ready to eat!

If you are searching for a Lady Lake, FL, apartment where you can prepare delicious food and beverages in an updated kitchen, consider moving to The Quarters Apartment Homes. Call us for more information, or stop by during our office hours and we will take you on a tour of our available apartments and community amenities.