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Rath Harper

Places You Might Forget About When Dusting

Dusting can be a tedious chore, but it’s necessary to keep your apartment comfortable and looking its best. Dust collects on almost every surface, especially those that remain untouched for long periods of time. Some of these places are obvious, like coffee tables and shelves, and you likely have a routine for wiping them down regularly. However, there are a lot of smaller nooks and crannies where dust settles in and is forgotten about until a thick layer has formed.

Dust particles are not only unsightly but they can also irritate your sinuses when you breathe them in, so it’s important to wipe down any surface where it collects. Here are some areas you might have forgotten to include in your dusting regime:

  • Fan blades – Fans, especially ones you don’t use often, are a favorite spot for dust to gather since they are often hard to reach and easily go unnoticed.
  • Lampshades- Since you don’t move lamps around very often, they are very prone to dust. Make sure to clean them when the lamp has been turned off for a while to avoid burning yourself on the bulb.
  • Window sills – Window sills often get hidden behind blinds and curtains, and are easy to forget about when cleaning. 

Next time you’re cleaning your apartment in Lady Lake, FL, remember to check these places for dust. If you are not a current resident of The Quarters Apartment Homes but are interested in becoming one, please contact our leasing office.