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Rath Harper

Do You Need to Wash Your Laundry in Hot Water?

Thanks to changes made in washing machines and detergents since around the year 2000, it’s not necessary to wash your clothes in hot water anymore. This means you can save energy by washing all your laundry in cold water. But why is it okay to not use hot water?

There are a few reasons why, in most cases, it’s okay to wash in cold water:

  • Washing machines have changed – Due to tougher energy-use standards from the Department of Energy, manufacturers of washing machines have made their machines much better at cleaning so they can wash clothes just as well in colder water as hot water.
  • Laundry detergents have changed – To compensate for washers not needing hot water, and also to compensate for the U.S. standard “hot” water temperature going down over the years to meet regulations, manufacturers of laundry detergent have changed their formulas to perform better in cold water than in hot water.

The good news is, as mentioned before, the less hot water you need to wash laundry, the more money you’ll save on your electric bill. However, if you or another household member is sick, you should still wash bed linens and towels in hot water mixed with chlorine bleach to reduce bacteria.

Every Lady Lake apartment at The Quarters comes with full-size washer-dryer hookups and a laundry space so you can wash your laundry in the comfort of your own home. For more information about renting an apartment at The Quarters, call or stop by our leasing office today.