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Learning Facts About Bees

Bees are an incredibly important part of our world, yet they tend to get a bad reputation because of the little stinger that they use for defensive purposes only. Many scientists believe that if bees became extinct, man would soon follow suit. Here are some facts about bees and why these little insects are so important to life as we know it.

  • Bees transfer pollen to many different flowers, fruits, vegetables, and trees – As they fly around collecting nectar and pollen for food, they transfer the pollen to flowers, trees, plants, and crops in a process called cross-pollination. This allows for the continued growth of these plants. Without bees, much of our crops, fruit, vegetables, and trees would disappear.
  • Bees are responsible for roughly one-third of all food around the world. A large number of animals depend on bees to pollinate the foods that they eat. For example, they are responsible for pollinating alfalfa hay, which is primarily what cows feed on. Without bees, many animals would not have the food sources that they need and would die off. 
  • Bees have an extremely large impact on the economy. With so many factors to consider it is hard to estimate their exact worth, but experts have estimated that bees contribute around $40 billion to the economy every year from the honey and crops that they are responsible for producing.

At The Quarters Apartment Homes, we definitely depend on bees to help us keep our landscaping lush and beautiful. If you are looking for an apartment in Lady Lake, FL, the spacious apartments at The Quarters may be the perfect fit. For more information or to schedule a tour, call us or visit our leasing office today.