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Rath Harper

Different Types of Onions and the Uses of Each One

When a recipe calls for onions, do you assume that all onions are basically the same? Most people do, but it turns out, each variety of onion has a different flavor and will work best when used in the right recipes.

Instead of snagging the onions closest to you in the store, read the following list to learn how each type of onion should be prepared to end up with the best flavor:

  • Yellow onions – These are considered the most traditional type of onion. It has the strongest flavor of all the onions and is high in natural sugars, which makes it great for caramelizing. For most recipes, the yellow onion is your best choice.
  • Red onions – These onions taste good uncooked, which is why you’ll often see it used raw on burgers and sandwiches when you eat at restaurants. Red onions, which have less sugar than yellow onions, are also used chopped up for salads.
  • White onions – This is the crunchiest type of onion and is best used on dishes that need more texture. It’s often used in Mexican dishes and on pizza.
  • Sweet onions – Common types of sweet onion are Vidalia and Walla Walla onions. The sweetest sweet onions have a more orange peel than yellow. These onions are so mild-flavored that you can eat them raw. They are also high in water content and are good for salsas.
  • Green onions – This type of onion looks nothing like its counterparts listed above. More like a long, green stalk with a white bulb, green onions are usually chopped and added raw to many different recipes.

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