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Rath Harper

A Few Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

With life getting busier and busier for many of us, it can be difficult to settle down for a good night’s sleep. Often, the problem is when the mind is still thinking about what happened during the day and a to-do list that never seems to end, which can lead to a prolonged feeling of wakefulness and worry.

There are many ways to try and calm the mind when it begins racing before bed. Not every method works for everybody, though. Here are some tried-and-true favorites:

  • Making mental lists – To get the mind off current concerns, try to make up meaningless lists in your mind. For example, if you could travel to five cities, which five would you choose? Or what are your 10 favorite foods?
  • Write things down – Before going to bed, spend 20 minutes writing down everything that’s going through your head. Specialists say it’s therapeutic to put your concerns down on paper because then you’ll be better able to separate the hypothetical problems from the real ones, and from there, create an action plan to address real problems instead of worry about them.
  • Try muscle relaxation – One idea is to tense and relax all the muscles in the body, one at a time, giving attention to each muscle as you go.
  • Compile a toolbox of bedtime relaxation rituals – Everyone’s toolbox will be different depending on what helps them get to sleep, but some ideas include reading a book or magazine, listening to soft music or books on tape, preparing for the next day, or taking a warm bath.

For those who need a one-, two-, or three-bedroom Lady Lake apartment to get a good night’s sleep, consider The Quarters Apartment Homes. Contact our leasing office today for more information about becoming a resident of our community.