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Rath Harper

Things You Won't Be Sorry You Kept Around Your Apartment

While no one wants to clog up their apartment's storage spaces with junk they'll never use, there is something to be said for stocking up on items that will always be useful for you, and that you'll be glad to have around.

Read on to learn about a few items that you'll never regret having stored at your apartment:

1. First aid – It’s easy to underestimate the power of first aid, but the ability to quickly disinfect and cover up a wound can make a vital difference. Untreated wounds have the potential to get infected, so always keep spare medical supplies like bandages and disinfecting ointment handy.

2. Flashlights – You never know when the power might go out, and stumbling around without a light source can be hazardous. Purchase a heavy-duty flashlight with backup batteries to make sure that never happens.

3. Blankets – Florida is nationally renowned for its warm and sunny climate, but when a polar vortex is freezing the east coast, you’ll likely appreciate the extra warmth. Blankets ae also helpful when you have guests who want to sleep over.

4. Rubbing alcohol – Also known as isopropyl alcohol, this multi-purpose solvent can clean surfaces, remove stains, and even kill pests when there’s no bug spray handy. Be careful, though – rubbing alcohol is flammable and not safe for human consumption.

But, first steps first. In order to stock these items, you'll need a spacious apartment with plenty of storage. The Quarters Apartment Homes has just the apartment in Lady Lake, FL, you have in mind. Contact us or stop by our leasing office to find out more about our apartments and community amenities.