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Rath Harper

Simple Tricks to Cut the Clutter

Do you get frustrated with the amount of clutter in your apartment? Are you surrounded by piles of mail, random items you forgot to put away, and things that you should probably get rid of? If so, there are a few simple tricks you can try to reduce clutter in your home and in doing so, reduce some stress, too.

Here are three simple tricks you can try to get rid of the clutter in your apartment:

  • Put a trash can and/or recycling bin in every room – Sometimes the reason for clutter is because people don’t take the time to carry things from where they were left to a garbage can or recycling bin somewhere else in the apartment. One possible remedy for this is keeping a trash can and/or recycling bin in every room so that throwing clutter away is extra convenient.
  • Put a “take home basket” in every room – Another issue that creates clutter is the time it takes to carry items individually to their proper place. One way to fix this is by putting a “take home basket” in every room. This provides a place to put all the clutter until you’re ready to pick up the basket and carry everything to where it should be tucked away.
  • Put an “out box” in every room – If you’d rather give away clutter instead of store it or toss it, try putting an “out box” in every room. Out boxes are for items that you want to donate or give away instead of throw away or store somewhere else in your apartment.

One final piece of advice to make this work – to avoid the trashcans, baskets, and boxes from also becoming clutter, you have to commit to cleaning them out once a week.

For more information about renting a Lady Lake, FL, apartment that has plenty of storage space for your items, contact The Quarters Apartment Homes today.