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Rath Harper

Uses for Kitchen Items Around Your Quarters Apartment in Lady Lake, FL

If you look around your kitchen, you will likely see many different products that you purchase to use just in that room – cleaners, containers, condiments, and countless others. However, the products you keep for use in your kitchen can also be quite handy around the rest of your apartment if you get creative.

Here are a few examples of kitchen items that you can put to good use around the rest of your Quarters apartment in Lady Lake, FL:

  • Dish washing soap – Do you have any clothes that have been ruined by grease stains? Not a problem! You can use dish washing soap to remove stains, and it can be a lot more cost-efficient than purchasing a product specifically advertised for that purpose.
  • Dry rice – One easy way to fix a cell phone that has been submerged in liquid is to simply place it inside a bag of dry rice. Over the course of the next 24-48 hours, the rice will slowly attract water toward itself via osmosis. Now that’s handy!
  • Vinegar – Does your apartment have windows that are dirty or grimy? You can mix equal parts water and vinegar inside a spray bottle and use it as a cheap window cleaner. It also works great on mirrors. Voila!

The Quarters Apartment Homes feature beautiful modern kitchens where you can keep all your favorite foods, cookware, cleaning products, and more. To take a tour of our apartments and community, contact our leasing office today.