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Rath Harper

The Proper Way to Wash a Pillow

You probably wash your bed sheets and blankets regularly, but how often do you wash your pillows? If you’re like most people, the answer would be either not very often, or never. But giving your pillows the attention they deserve can keep them fluffy and fresh for a lot longer.

Read on to learn more about how to take good care of your bed’s pillows:

  • Air them out – Every day, fluff your pillows to remove dust and keep them in shape. Once a month, throw your pillows in the dryer and run a no-heat cycle to really air them out.
  • Wash them – If you have foam-filled or synthetic pillows, machine wash them about twice a year (check the label on the pillows first to make sure they can be machine washed). Washing your pillows will help remove dust, dirt, and dead skin, and will give them a fresh scent. Use the gentle cycle with a high quality detergent, and wash two pillows at a time to balance the load, if possible.
  • Dry them – After you wash your pillows, it’s very important to dry them thoroughly. Most pillows will be thoroughly dry after an hour in the dryer at moderate heat. Squish the pillows in your hands to feel the inside and make sure it’s completely dry before you put a pillow case on them and make the bed.

The Quarters Apartment Homes have full-size washer-dryer hookups so you can have a place to wash your pillows and the rest of your bedding whenever you want to. If you need an apartment in Lady Lake, FL, contact us for information and a community tour.