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Rath Harper

Habits That Can Make People Wiser and More Interesting

Have you ever met someone and admired how interesting they were to talk to? Or how wise they seemed? Those traits appear to come naturally to some people, but there are strategies that individuals can adopt to make themselves seem more intelligent and fun to converse with.

Here are a few habits that have been known to increase wisdom and make people’s conversations more thought-provoking:

  • They make an effort to be more social – Whether someone is an extrovert or introvert, it takes work to socialize with others. Reconnecting with old friends on social media, joining a club, taking a friend out for coffee -- interacting with people, over time, can increase wisdom and humor.
  • They tend to be more open-minded – Learning to listen to all sides of an issue, even those you don’t agree with, can boost wisdom and conversational skills.
  • They read a lot – From current news to books, interesting and knowledgeable people read all the time, and they read a variety of materials. Just do your best to make sure what you’re reading is factual, or at least, approach everything with some degree of skepticism at first before you spread the information to others.
  • They watch more documentaries – Documentaries focus on very specific subjects and enlighten you to details that you’d never hear about otherwise. You never know when something you learned on a documentary will become your next attention-grabbing subject of conversation.
If you are in search of a Lady Lake apartment and you’d like to make a wise choice, consider The Quarters Apartment Homes. Contact us or stop by our community for a tour and our on-site management team will be happy to help you.