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Rath Harper

Learning About the History of Cats in Your Lady Lake Apartment

For centuries cats have brought joy and comfort to their owners. In addition to the companionship they provide to humans, they also have a wide range of ways to communicate, from body language to vocalization. If you hear a cat meowing, hissing, or purring, they’re sending a definite message. But what is the history behind cats? Where did they originate? And most importantly, how did they become the most popular house pet in the world?

For many years, researchers believed that the feline was first domesticated in ancient Egypt. It was discovered that, where the Egyptians stored large quantities of grain, cats were found to be useful at keeping rats and mice away from the grain. In fact, cats were so important to the Egyptians that they became objects of worship and were often mummified and buried in holy graves. Recent studies, however, have now revealed that housecats most likely evolved from African desert wildcats that domesticated themselves, or acclimated themselves to human interaction, without the help of human intervention. The first solid evidence of a domesticated cat was found at a 9,500-year-old burial site in Cyprus.

The Quarters allows residents to have a pet, including a cat, in their apartment home (with some restrictions). This is just one of many advantages of living in our beautiful community. If you would like more information about The Quarters, please feel free to visit our complete list of community articles on this website. If you are considering living in a Lady Lake apartment at The Quarters, contact our leasing office today.