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Rath Harper

Deciding What Clothes to Donate

Sorting through your closet and deciding what pieces of clothing to hold on to and which you should donate can be a challenge. For some reason, clothes are hard to let go of, and there are a lot of reasons we hold on to pieces we don’t even wear anymore.

While it’s great to keep memories, collecting too many in the form of old clothes can take up valuable storage space and clutter up your closet. If it’s time to clear up some space, you may want to consider giving your belongings a second life by donating them. When you’re deciding which clothes to donate, it can be helpful to sort them into three piles:

  1. Torn, stained, and otherwise damaged items. Clothing that is beyond repair shouldn’t be donated since it isn’t really suitable to wear. When you have finished going through everything, this pile can be thrown away or brought to a textile recycling company.
  2. Gently-used and like-new items. Any clothes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition should go in another pile. This pile is the one you should bring to a clothing donation center so that someone else may benefit from your retired wardrobe.
  3. Clothing that you don’t wear often, but are still attached to. Anything that you never wear but just aren’t ready to let go of should go in a third pile. Take this pile out of your closet and put it in a separate location. If, in a few months, you have forgotten about it, you know it is time to add those pieces to the donations pile.

Follow this guide for cleaning out the closets at your apartment at The Quarters Apartment Homes. To learn more about the spacious walk-in closets and other amenities our apartments for rent in Lady Lake have to offer, contact our leasing office today.