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Rath Harper

Using a Cleaning Chart at Our Apartments in Lady Lake, FL

Using a cleaning chart may conjure up memories of being a child and having a chore list, but there is a reason so many parents post housekeeping charts – because they are effective. Cleaning charts create a schedule of what is to be cleaned and when it is supposed to be cleaned, to ensure all necessary chores are taken care of on a daily or weekly basis. Not only will this help to ensure a tidy living space, but can also lead to lower stress levels, as a clean, organized home can have a calming effect on the body.

When making a cleaning chart, here are the items most people include on the daily schedule:

• Make the bed

• Wipe down the bathroom counter

• Clean and put away the dishes

• Wipe down the kitchen counters

• Take out the trash

• Declutter

With any cleaning schedule, there is the option of completing all of the chores in the morning, at night, or splitting them up between morning and night. In addition, many people include one specialty chore to complete every day, such as:

• Clean all mirrors and windows

• Clean the toilet and tub

• Mop the floors

• Do the laundry

• Wipe down all furniture and cabinets

• Scrub the oven, microwave, and fridge

• Vacuum the apartment

This list doesn’t account for monthly cleaning activities, such as wiping down the walls and baseboards or scrubbing the refrigerator, but it will give a good start to putting a regular cleaning schedule in place, so keeping a tidy apartment won’t seem so overwhelming.

Our apartments in Lady Lake, Florida, are beautiful, spacious, and come in the choice of three color schemes (beige, taupe, or grey) that are reflected throughout the apartment, giving a sense of individuality and character to each home. To learn more, contact us today or stop by our leasing office for a tour.