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Rath Harper

Why Turning Your Hangers Around Could Help You Clean Out Your Closet

Is your closet always overflowing with clothes and shoes that you never even wear? This is a common problem that many people face as their clothing collections grow and their storage space remains the same size.

However, you probably own a number of clothes that you’ve forgotten about, or haven’t worn in years. These pieces are taking up valuable space that could be used to store other things, so it may be helpful to clean out your closet. If going through every article of clothing you own sounds like a daunting task, turning your hangers around could help you.

All you have to do is flip your hangers around so that they’re facing backwards. Then, every time you wear something, put it back in your closet with the hanger facing the right way.

Pick a set amount of time, maybe six months, maybe a year, and continue doing this until you reach your allotted time. Then, just check your hangers. Anything that’s still facing backwards hasn’t been worn for months, which is a good indication that you should donate that item and free up some space.

The Quarters Apartment Homes are equipped with spacious walk-in closets and many other upscale features. To learn more about our apartments for rent in Lady Lake, FL, contact our leasing office today!