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Rath Harper

Busting Myths about Cleaning Your Apartment

Through the years, you may have learned what you thought were hard-and-fast rules about cleaning. Whether you learned them from your parents, commercials, or in school, there are many widely held beliefs about cleaning that seem absolutely true and believable.

Or are they? Read on to learn more about some cleaning rules that might actually be myths:

  • Bleach makes a great cleaner – While bleach has gained the reputation for being the ultimate cleaning solution, it’s not. Bleach has been linked to increased infection rates in children, and it’s also very damaging to the items it comes into contact with. Instead of using bleach to kill germs, try vinegar or rubbing alcohol. These solutions are just as effective and won’t damage your clothes, carpet, or skin.
  • Clean something by making it smell clean – While that April fresh smell can be nice to have in your home, remember that a clean “smell” is actually no smell at all. If something “smells clean” to you, you’re probably smelling a perfume that’s been added to a cleaning product.
  • You need lots of different products to clean – Thankfully, you don’t have to purchase dozens of different cleaning products to keep your home clean. Just because a product is marketed to you as a cleaner for a special surface does not mean a cleaner you already have at home won’t clean just as well. Experiment with the cleaners you have and learn about what works best for your situation. You might be surprised about how few cleaners you really need to keep your home clean.

If you’d like to learn more about luxury apartments for rent in Lady Lake, Florida, contact The Quarters Apartment Homes. Our apartment features and community amenities are above-and-beyond what you’ll find at other communities in the area. We invite you to stop by our leasing office and we will be happy to show you around.