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Rath Harper

Closet Organization Helps People Get Dressed Faster

It’s a common problem that people face every day: even though they have a closet full of clothes, it can be tough to decide what to wear for the day. In one way, it’s a good problem to have – lots of clothes means lots of choices – but in another way, too many choices can paralyze the person who is trying to get ready and out the door at a certain time.

Below are a few tips to consider that have proven to be helpful for individuals who needed a way to get dressed faster every day:

Reformat your closet. Get rid of the outfits which you never plan on wearing, and replace them with new outfits that you’re excited to try on. By having less options to choose from, you’ll save valuable time every morning -- and dressing will be less of a chore!

If you have a different pair of shoes for every occasion, then you could try picking out which pair you want to wear before deciding on the rest of your outfit. Arrange your shoes by ideal weather type and color, and the rest of your outfit should come easily.

Organize your outfits by what type of activity you most use them for. Clothes meant for recreational activities should go on the far side of the closet, because at those times you’ll have more free time to decide on what you want to wear. On the other hand, professional attire should be near the front of the closet; that way, it’ll be easily accessible to you if you're in a hurry.

Are you looking for a place to live that has spacious walk-in closets where you’ll have plenty of room to keep your clothes and shoes? If so, check out The Quarters apartments in Lady Lake, FL. Our leasing staff would be glad to take you on a guided tour of our community and show you our floor plans.