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Rath Harper

Unexpected Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Everybody knows that dryer sheets are helpful when you want your laundry to smell fresh and have less static cling, but not everybody knows that there are many other uses for dryer sheets outside of the dryer.

Some of the following unexpected ways to use dryer sheets involve using new dryer sheets, but many allow you to recycle used dryer sheets, which gives you the added benefit of reducing waste and saving money:

  • Wipe down your washer and dryer – After every load, take a used dryer sheet and wipe off the outside of your dryer and washer.
  • Sharpen your scissors – Believe it or not, you can sharpen a dull pair of scissors by using them to cut up a dryer sheet.
  • Clean up your bathroom – Save used dryer sheets to wipe down various areas in your bathroom like your sink, counters, toilet tank, faucets, etc. Dryer sheets have a texture that picks up dirt and lint quite effectively.
  • Freshen up your shoes – Place a new dryer sheet in each shoe before you go to bed. By morning, your shoes will smell fresh and clean.
  • Make your own cleaning pads – Do you use a Swiffer duster? If so, load the cleaning pad area with two used dryer sheets – they work just as well as the duster pads you purchase and you can feel good about recycling your dryer sheets.
  • Freshen up your vacuum cleaner – Before your vacuum, put a dryer sheet into your vacuum cleaner’s canister or bag. Your vacuum cleaner and your home will smell fresh when you’re done.

Our Lady Lake, FL, apartments at The Quarters feature full-sized washer-dryer hookups so that you can create your own laundry area right inside your apartment. To learn about all the other apartment features that make The Quarters a fabulous place to call home, contact us today.