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Rath Harper

Four Ways that Dryer Sheets Can Be Used Outside the Dryer

Dryer sheets do their job well. When you put one in your dryer with your laundry, everything in the dryer will come out with a wonderful smell and reduced static cling. Did you know, however, that dryer sheets could also be handy for helping you with many other household tasks?

Read on to learn about all the surprising ways that dryer sheets can make your life easier:

  1. Improve your shoes – Insert a dryer sheet into shoes that you wish smelled a little nicer. For narrower shoes, you can cut dryer sheets in half so they fit. If your soles squeak, rub the bottom of them with a dryer sheet. This will reduce the friction and the squeaky sound when you walk.
  2. Freshen your luggage and gym bag – After you empty your luggage or gym bag, tuck a dryer sheet inside. This will help you prevent musty odors that might lurk in there.
  3. Clean your car – Many drivers swear by polyester non-woven dryer sheets to remove dead bugs from the outside of vehicles. Wet a sheet and wipe to remove bugs from your front grill and windshield.
  4. Sweeten a trash can – Put a dryer sheet at the bottom of all your trash cans before you insert the plastic bag. This will help you combat the inevitable smells that garbage cans are famous for.

Speaking of dryer sheets, The Quarters apartments in Lady Lake, FL, come with full-sized washer-dryer hookups and a laundry area so that residents can clean and soften their laundry in comfort and convenience of their apartments. If you would like to learn more about The Quarters and all the wonderful reasons to live here, contact our leasing office today.