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Energy Saving Tips for Residents of Our Lady Lake, FL, Apartments

Saving energy is sometimes a hassle; but when you’re trying to conserve resources, maintaining habits that are actively conscious of energy consumption can be a good place to start. Here are some quick energy saving tips for residents at The Quarters, as well as for anyone else who might be interested in saving energy:

Thermostat control – Moderating A/C usage -- especially in the middle of a hot Florida summer -- is easier than it sounds and remains one of the best ways to save on energy costs. During the hotter months, try adjusting the thermostat to a higher temperature when you won’t be at home. However, do not turn your air conditioner off when you’re away from your apartment. Why? Because it will take more energy to cool down a stifling hot apartment than it would to keep the A/C at around 80-82 degrees when you’re out, and then lower the thermostat when you’re at home.

Load it up – Like air conditioning, dishwashers and laundry machines are also known for being big energy eating culprits. To help ward against this, you could try to wash bigger loads at the same time – that way, your power-hungry machines will spend less overall time being switched on.

Don’t block the A/C – Some people mistakenly place furniture in front of the air conditioning vents, not realizing what a significant effect this can have on energy consumption. By orienting your space for maximum airflow, you can save money and have increased ventilation.

Here at The Quarters, we appreciate energy-conscious consumers, and our friendly staff located at the front office would be glad to assist you in any way they can. If you’re interested in touring our Lady Lake, FL apartments, then please contact the leasing office.