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Rath Harper

All-Natural Makeup Removers to Use at Our Apartments in Lady Lake, FL

For many women, removing their makeup at the end of the day is a task that can easily be forgotten. But, it’s important for women to regularly do this at night because sleeping in makeup can clog pores and prevent sebum from properly moisturizing and protecting the skin. This can lead to acne, skin irritation, fine lines, and even wrinkles. For women who have sensitive skin, though, some makeup removers can aggravate the skin, which is why it’s a good idea to look for all-natural alternatives.

For an all-natural makeup remover, consider using:

• Avocado – use a cotton swab to mop up the oils from the avocado

• Grapeseed oil – dab a few drops of the oil onto the fingertips

• Cucumber – simply blend one single cucumber to form a paste

• Jojoba oil – mix one part oil and two parts water together

• Coconut oil – rub a tiny pinch of solid coconut oil onto the hands

Once the all-natural makeup remover is ready, women simply need to swab it onto their faces using their hands or a cotton swab to remove their makeup. This is an easy, effective, and all-natural way to remove makeup that will be gentle on the skin.

Our apartments in Lady Lake, Florida, radiate a sense of individuality and character. Each apartment comes in its own color scheme (in beige, taupe, or gray), the color of which is reflected throughout the home, from the wall color, to the cabinets, to the paddle fans, to the deep pile carpeting. Feel free to contact us to learn more, or stop by our leasing office to take a tour.