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Rath Harper

How to Make a Pill Bottle Survival Kit

Did you know that you can make a convenient, portable “survival kit” by using something as simple as a pill bottle that you’d get a prescription in? It’s true! These little bottles are discreet, easy to carry, and can hold a variety of items that would come in handy during an emergency.

Here’s how you can make a pill bottle survival kit of your own:

  • Start with an old, empty, plastic prescription bottle that you no longer use. Remove all the labels and identifying information and clean it out well.
  • The first item you’ll probably want in your kit is a tiny flashlight. You can usually find these as part of a keychain. Pack it in your bottle.
  • The next items you might want to include are a couple wooden matches and a strike strip. Boxes of promotional matches are good for this purpose.
  • For backup, include a miniature lighter in case your matches get wet or you need extra lighting.
  • Next, you could insert a wrapped piece of hard candy. This will be useful if you’re ever in a situation where you need a little extra sugar to keep going.
  • Tuck a few Band-Aids in there in case you get a cut that needs to be covered. The kind with built-in antibiotic ointment are the best to use.
  • Fold up a square foot of aluminum foil and include it in your kit. Aluminum foil can be used for signaling for help or boosting antenna signals.
  • A safety pin or two can also be useful to fasten a bandage or remove a splinter.

Of course, any of the above items can be replaced to customize a pill bottle survival kit that meets any particular need.

Thankfully, survival kits are rarely, if ever, put to use. On the contrary, our residents at The Quarters apartments for rent in Lady Lake, Florida, are living a life of luxury in our beautiful community. To learn more about becoming a resident, contact us today.