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Ways to Save Energy and Lower the Electric Bill

The electric bill can sometimes be one of the most expensive bills that you have to pay every month, especially in Florida where the air conditioning is almost always running. But there are some steps that you can take that can significantly reduce your bill each month, such as:

  • Utilizing natural lighting – Open the blinds on your windows to allow the rooms in your home to be lit by the sun. Wait until it gets dark outside before you turn on the lights.

  • Unplug devices that aren’t being used – Devices that aren’t being used still use energy, even when they are turned off. Unplugging devices such as phone and laptop chargers, kitchen equipment, or anything else that is not being used can reduce your electric bill by an average of 10%.

  • Reduce using large appliances - Don’t run appliances such as the dishwasher or washing machine unless you are running a full load. These pieces of equipment use a lot of energy and it is best to only use them when the load is full in order to reduce the number of times you have to run them.

  • Manage air conditioning use – Air conditioning takes makes up a large percentage of the electric bill. Closing the blinds and turning on the ceiling fans can help keep your home cool without having the AC turned down too far. It is also best to set the AC to a higher temperature when nobody is home to save energy when it is not needed.

Following these simple tips can reduce your electric bill in your home. To learn more about our apartments in Lady Lake, FL, contact us today or come down to our leasing office and take a tour to see all of the great things that The Quarters apartments offer.