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Rath Harper

Things in Your Closet That You Can Get Rid of

Over time, it’s too easy to put belongings away in closets and forget about them. Month after month, year after year, items can stack up until your closets are overflowing with stuff. Some of that stuff is worth keeping, and some of it, well, not so much. But how do you know what’s good to get rid of, and what you should keep?

While the list of things to get rid of varies from person to person, here are some common items that most of us should donate or sell, to make more room in our closets and in our lives:

  • Old costumes – Those old costumes that you wore probably won’t do you any good in the future, especially if your friends or family have already seen them. Donate those old costumes so that someone else can give them a fresh start.
  • Gifts you received that you don’t like – It’s difficult to give away gifts that you received, especially if they came from someone you care about. But if you don’t like the gift or you can’t use it, why not donate it to someone who would really enjoy having it?
  • Old, stretched out clothes – If you have not worn something in the last year because it’s old, worn, and stretched out, give it to charity or throw it out.
  • The pile of things that needs to be fixed – Whether it’s clothes that need to be sewn or electronics that don’t work anymore, be honest with yourself. What are the chances you’ll actually fix them? Probably not very high, which means you should toss them.
Our Lady Lake apartments have walk-in closets in every bedroom plus other convenient storage areas, so you’ll have plenty of room for the belongings worth keeping. For more information about our community and apartments for rent, contact the onsite management team at The Quarters today.