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Organizing Your Computer in Our Lady Lake, Florida, Apartments

Just as it’s possible for your desk at work to become cluttered and unorganized, your computer can also become full of unwanted files or mislabeled documents. This not only makes it difficult to do work efficiently, but also takes up valuable space on your computer.

Below are a few simple steps that can help residents “take out the trash” and organize their desktops while using their computers in our Lady Lake, Florida, apartments:

  • Clear temporary files off your hard drive. These are files you only needed for a short period of time. Simply search your computer for all files with a “.tmp” extension and delete. 
  • Clear cookies and cache files. Cache files are stored and tagged files you have browsed in the past; they help your computer locate the files faster when you search for them in the future. Cookies are similar, but they come from websites you browse so the site can see what you’re interested in viewing.
  • Make sure you keep your operating system and all virus protection systems updated. Most computers will get automatic updates or dialog boxes prompting you to accept an update. Just make sure you never accept an update from an untrusted source. 
  • Organize your desktop by clearly labeling your folders. Try to have all documents, whether you’re working in MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or any other program, in their appropriate folders.

For more tips on how to stay organized in your apartment at The Quarters, browse the rest of our community articles on this website. If you would like more information about our apartment community and all of its luxurious amenities, contact our leasing office today.