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Rath Harper

Knowing When Fruit Is Ripe in Our Lady Lake, Florida, Apartments

Florida is an incredible place to get a wide variety of fresh fruits, but how do you know when the fruit is ripe and ready to eat? There’s nothing worse than a stringy orange, a hard avocado, or a banana that won’t let go of its peel. Below are a few tips for some of the area’s most popular fruits so that you can always enjoy them at the peak of their freshness.

  • Cantaloupe – The stem should be gone and the outside should feel like cork; if you sniff the small hollow nodule where the stem used to be, you should smell a strong, fruity aroma.
  • Watermelon – The rind should feel very smooth and should not be overly shiny or overly dull; check that the ends look fully rounded.
  • Orange – If an orange is misshapen or very lightweight, it may be overly ripe; an orange that is extremely hard when squeezed is not ripe yet.
  • Avocado – You should feel a slight give if you press your fingers into an avocado; if it is hard, it needs a few more days. If it feels like the skin has pulled away from the flesh, it is dehydrated and too ripe.

For the most part, fruits can be coaxed into ripening if they are put in a cool, dark place or inside a paper bag. Of the above fruits, avocados are the most temperamental. They tend to turn brown quickly after they’ve been sliced open. Try storing the leftover avocado in an airtight container in the refrigerator in your apartment. Always keep the flesh next to the pit and spray the flesh with a bit of lemon or lime juice to prevent discoloration.

For more fun tips about healthy living, check out our other community articles on this website. You can also call the main office for our Lady Lake, Florida, apartments to learn more information about our amenities, floor plans, and leasing specials.