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Apartments in Lady Lake, Florida, Are Great Places for Playing Board Games

Even with all the technological advances that have come with the Internet, video games, and MP3s, there’s no better rainy day activity than sitting down with the family or a friend to play board games. In fact, board games have actually been around far longer than you might realize – several date back nearly 4000 years. Below are a few fun facts about the earliest board games that you can use to impress your pals when they come over for a round of Monopoly:

  • Senet – circa 3500 BC; board game from ancient Egypt that has been discovered in burial sites.
  • Royal Game of Ur – circa 2500 BC; Mesopotamian board game found in the Royal Tombs of Ur
  • Stanway Game – circa 43 AD; buried with the Druid of Colchester, an Iron Age gravesite in Essex
  • Backgammon – circa 220 AD; was first played in China

Perhaps the best testament to the timeless allure of board games is the fact that several of the games listed above, including Backgammon and Senet, are still played today. Want to play a board game in our apartments in Lady Lake, Florida, that’s a little less ancient? Below are some classics that you should be able to pick up at any discount store:

  • Monopoly – created in 1933; based off of “The Landlord’s Game,” created in 1903
  • Trivial Pursuit – created in 1979 in Nerja, Spain; released in the US in 1982
  • Scrabble – created in 1938; originally called “Criss-Crosswords”
  • Clue – created in 1944; originally called “Murder!” and then “Cluedo”

While board games are a great way to spend an overcast afternoon, you can also check out the amazing amenities that The Quarters apartment community has to offer, like a swimming pool, basketball court, theater, fitness center, and much more. Call our leasing office today for more information.