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Rath Harper

Economical Gift Ideas While Living in Our Apartments in Lady Lake, Florida

We all love being generous and giving gifts to the people we care about, but our budget may not allow us to buy the lavish presents that we see in department store windows. However, it doesn’t take a fortune to show friends and family members how much we care about them. Thoughtfulness and showing someone that you’ve listened to their likes and dislikes goes much farther than any of the fanciest gifts.

Below are a few budget-friendly gifting ideas that will do in a pinch for any special occasion:

  • Gift in a jar – A jar of homemade scented bath salts makes a great present. Just use some inexpensive Epsom salts, a scented oil, and a few drops of food coloring. Another nice idea is filling a jar with the dry ingredients necessary for making any type of cookie and attaching the recipe on the outside of the jar. All the recipient has to do is add wet ingredients.
  • Stationery – Buying some pretty paper and personalizing it with stamps, stickers, embossing, or other decorations is a great way to give an inexpensive gift that will also encourage the recipient to stay in close correspondence with you. Special tip – stamp the stationery with the recipient’s initials!
  • Service coupon – Even the most expensive scarf or necklace can’t take the place of doing a service for someone. Offer to wash a car, cook dinner, or be the driver when a ride is needed. A fun way to do this is to create some homemade coupons and pass them out.

For other fun ideas for staying on a budget while living at The Quarters apartments in Lady Lake, Florida, feel free to peruse our entire list of community articles on this website. The staff at our leasing office is also happy to answer any questions you may have about apartment features and community amenities.