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Herbs and Spices You Can Use to Aid Digestion at Our Lady Lake, Florida Apartments

In order to prepare a truly flavorful meal, a cook must have knowledge of a wide array of tasty herbs and spices. However, certain herbs and spices contain acids or capsaicin, the chemical that gives peppers their potency. These flavor agents can result in unpleasant side effects like bloating, heartburn, indigestion, or other forms of digestive irritation. Having an upset stomach only hours after a delicious meal can ruin anyone’s day, but fortunately, there are several all-natural ways that you can use to mitigate these symptoms without ever having to step foot in a pharmacy.

There are a number of well-known herbs and spices that when added to your meal, will help to counteract the effects of their more volatile brethren. They include:

  • Ginger – The ginger root is well known for its medicinal properties, and has been used to treat nausea and diarrhea for centuries. Ginger is an excellent palate cleanser (as seen by its inclusion on most sushi plates) but it can also be ground into a powder and put into food. Small amounts will not affect the taste of the food at all, but may help with digestion, while larger amounts will increase the beneficial effect and can add a unique fruity spiciness to your meal.

  • Turmeric – Another root powder, this bright yellow spice is common in the Middle East and Asia and is a known anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce bloating and soothe indigestion.

  • Mint – A few mint leaves can be thrown in to cook with your dish, bringing that familiar sharp, cooling taste while soothing the intestinal tract.

  • Fennel – Fennel seeds, like ginger, are also great palate cleansers, but fennel has the added benefit of releasing chemicals that prevent bloating and heartburn. While cooked fennel and fennel stalks are also popular foods, they do not contain as many of the beneficial chemicals as the raw seeds.

Using these ingredients, you should soon be able to prepare delicious meals that also help prevent stomach issues, right from your apartment at The Quarters. If you are looking for an upscale apartment with a spacious kitchen area, contact us today to learn more about our Lady Lake, Florida apartments.