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Preparing Fish at Our Apartments for Rent in Lady Lake

As Florida residents, we are lucky to able to enjoy delicious, fresh fish year-round, so you may already be accustomed to preparing and eating tasty seafood meals. However, as any good cook can attest, preparing seafood is about much more than just baking, grilling, or searing the fish in question. While you may know that seasoning and preparing fish with the desired spices or a seafood rub before cooking is essential to great flavor, there are also many other lesser known techniques that you can employ the next time you prepare your favorite undersea creature.

Here are a few tips that you can use to create mouth-watering fish-based meals right from our apartments for rent in Lady Lake:

  • Pay attention to the skin – While some like to leave the skin of a fish on to let it become crispy, many others prefer not to eat the outer skin of a fish. In most cases, cooking the fish with the skin on it will soften the skin and allow it to easily be removed before the fish is served. However, in fish whose meat is denser, with a more steak-like consistency, the skin tends to made of tough scales and may be harder to remove after cooking. In the case of these fish, which include grouper, mahi mahi (dolphin fish), swordfish, and snook, the skin should be removed beforehand with a filet knife.

  • Watch out for bones! – While by definition a fish fillet is boneless, if you are preparing a fresh fish or preparing a larger fillet, it is always best to check the meat for the small “pin bones” that may be left in the meat. Run your fingers softly over the fillet to find the bones, and remove them gently using culinary tweezers or pliers.

  • Trim the “bloodline” – The darker colored line of flesh on one side of a fish is called the “bloodline,” and in many cases tastes much like the rest of the fish. However, in some species the bloodline has a pronounced “fishy” flavor and is often unpleasant to eat. If you are preparing amberjack, mackerel, or bluefish, use a sharp knife to remove the bloodline from your fillet.

The next time you are preparing fish at The Quarters, refer to this list to help you ensure a wonderful dining experience for both you and any guests you may have.

At The Quarters Apartment Homes, we are always looking to provide excellent living conditions for our residents, from fully equipped kitchens perfect for making fish to a tremendous range of upscale community amenities. To learn more about our apartment community, fill out a contact us form on this website or call our front office today.