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Reduce Allergens in Your Apartment in Lady Lake, FL

Whether it’s spring, summer, or fall, every season has its allergens, leaving millions of people with sneezing, sniffling, headaches, and watery eyes. One way to reduce the suffering a bit is to keep allergens outside your home.

Room by room, the following is a selection of our favorite allergy prevention tips.


  • Keep your mattress in a dust-mite-proof cover and wash sheets once a week in hot water.
  • Remove items that collect dust.
  • Don’t let your laundry pile up too high before washing it.

Living Room:

  • Try not to keep the patio door of your apartment in Lady Lake, FL, open during allergy season.
  • Sweep leaves and other debris off your patio or balcony regularly.
  • Keep your patio or balcony free of too much clutter. Excess items on your patio or balcony can trap allergens, possibly meaning more symptoms for you.
  • Store children’s toys and games in bins.
  • Remember to clean your furniture and table surfaces regularly.
  • Avoid displaying too many knick-knacks that can collect dust.

Kitchen and bathrooms:

  • Always wipe up moisture.
  • Wash dishes daily.
  • Wash towels and area rugs weekly.

All Rooms:

  • Take off your shoes before you go inside to avoid tracking allergens throughout your apartment.
  • Don’t open the windows during the season that gives you the worst allergic symptoms.
  • Change your air conditioner filter once a month. A/C filters and instructions are available at the office.
  • Vacuum all carpets weekly with a HEPA filter.
By taking a few extra steps to reduce allergens in your home, you can give yourself the best chance of avoiding severe seasonal allergy symptoms. If you need assistance with repairs or maintenance in your apartment home, please contact the office. We’re here to help!