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Staying Hydrated at Our Lady Lake, Florida, Apartments

In Florida, the sun shines down on us practically all year. However, despite a pleasantly warm climate in the winter and fall, during the summer the extreme heat can be a cause for concern because it can quickly lead to dehydration. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, staying hydrated to compensate for this heat should always be a priority.

While everyone knows that enjoying a refreshing drink is the key to staying hydrated, it is difficult to overstate the importance of drinking plenty of water. Water not only helps to prevent dehydration, but also helps your body carry nutrients to cells, flush out toxins, and function at its peak ability. However, unless you’re drinking water regularly while you’re outside, you can become dehydrated rather quickly in our state’s summer heat. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make sure that you get (and retain) all the water you need.

Try these tips to stay hydrated at our Lady Lake, Florida apartments at The Quarters:

• Instead of drinking beverages like coffee or tea, which have large amounts of caffeine that make them less than ideal choices for hydration, have a warm cup of water with lemon and honey.

• Mix fruit juice with water. This will help give your water flavor and additional nutrients like vitamin C. Ideally, choose citrus-based juices that are low in sugar additives.

• Eat fruits like watermelons and oranges. These fruits contain large amounts of water, and are a healthy and satisfying snack that can help you stay hydrated.

• Make sure to drink water before and after every meal, so that the sodium found in most foods does not dehydrate you. Likewise, drink plenty of water before and after going outside, especially on hot summer days.

At The Quarters Apartment Homes, there are plenty of activities that you can enjoy while you remember to stay hydrated. We have several excellent amenities, including a clubhouse; pool; indoor, air-conditioned, full-sized basketball court; and fitness center. To learn more about our apartment community, please contact our leasing office at The Quarters today.